Observation services are hospital outpatient services you get while your doctor decides whether to admit you as an inpatient or discharge you.

  • General Medicine
  • Cardiology
  • Gynaecology & Obstetrics
  • General Surgery
  • Orthopedic
  • Urology
  • Nephrology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Neuro Medicine
  • Psychiatry
  • Neurosurgery
  • Dermatology
  • Chest Medicine
  • Dental
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Endocrinology
  • General Physician
  • GI Surgery
  • Oncology
  • Oncology Surgery
  • Medicine Pediatric
  • Pediatrics Surgery

Please call to book an appointment with OPD doctors
based on their availability.

General Medicine
Dr. Alok B De (MBBS, MD, Dip Card) Mon & Fri: 5.30 pm, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat: 12.30 pm
Dr. Subhasis Dey (MBBS, MD) Mon, Wed, Fri: 6.00 pm & Thu : By Appointment
Dr. Payal Chowdhury (MBBS, MD) Mon – Fri: 12.00 noon
Dr. Sandipan Banik (MBBS, MD, MRCP) Sat & Sun: 6.00 pm
Dr. Kaushik Bhar (MBBS, MB, DTDC) Tue: 4.00 pm
(Asst. Prof) Dr. Anil Kr Dubey(MBBS, MD, WBMES) Mon,Sat: 2.00-3.00 pm &
Thu: 10.00 am- 12.00 noon
Dr. Sabari Majumder (MBBS, DNB, PGDFM) Mon, Wed, Fri : 11.30 am
Dr. Tapabrata Dey (MBBS, MD, DM(Cardio), CCEBDM(Diabetes) ) Thu: 5.00 pm
Dr. S Bandyopadhyay (MBBS, MD, Dip Card) Mon, Wed, Fri: 8.30 pm
Dr. Shilanjan Roy (MBBS, MD, DM) Fri: 6pm
Dr. A. Bhattacharya (MBBS, MD, DM(Endo)) Mon: 5.00 pm & Wed, Fri: 12.30 pm
Dr. Saptarshi Das (MBBS, MD(Pedi), PGPN(Boston)) Mon, Tue: 12.00 pm & Thu: By Appointment
Dr. B. B. Pal (MBBS, MD, DM) Tue, Thu & Sun: 2.00 pm
Dr. S Ganguly(MBBS, MD, DM) Wed, Sat : 7.00 pm
Dr. Abhishek Das(MBBS, MD, DM) Mon, Fri: 7.00 pm
Dr. Nilanjan Sinha (DM) Wed: 5.00 pm
Dr. Suvro Neel Baul (DM) Mon: 6.00 pm
Dr. (Prof) R. Pandey (MBBS, MD, DM) Thu: 7.00 pm
Dr. (Prof) T. K. Biswas (MBBS, MD, DM) Fri: 12.00 pm
Dr. Samar Biswas (MBBS, MD, DM) Mon 7 pm, Fri 6 pm
Dr. G. P. Mondal (MBBS, MD, DM) Wed: 3.30 pm
Peadiatric Medicine
Dr. Abhijit Chowdhury (MBBS, MD(Ped), DCH) Mon-Sat: 5.00 pm
Dr. Tapas Karmakar (MBBS, DCH) By Appointment
Dr. Tania Chakraborty (MBBS, DNB, MRCPCH) Wed: 7.30 pm & Sat: 10.00 am by appointment
General Physician
Dr. P. Chowdhury (MBBS) Mon-Sat: 12.00 pm (By Appointment)
Dr. Rajat Roy (MBBS) Tue, Fri : 9.00 am
Dr. Jay Goswami (MBBS) Mon-Sat: 3.30 pm
Dr. S Sengupta (MBBS) Daily 9.00-11.00 am & 6-7 pm (Except Sat Eve)
Sun: 10.30 am & 5.00 pm
Dr. Pradipta Deb (MBBS) Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 12.30 pm & Sat, Sun: 11.30 am
Chest & Critical Medicine
Dr. Priyanka Ghosh (MBBS, MD, DNB) Wed, Sat: 5.00 pm
Dr. Soumya Sengupta (MBBS, MD, DNB) Tue, Fri : 6.00 pm
General & LAP Surgery
Dr. D. Bose (MS, FRCS(Glas),  FRCS(Edin)) Tue: 2.00 pm (By Appointment)
Dr. S. Bhattacharya (MBBS, MS) Sun: 11.00 am (By Appointment before 2days)
Dr. Sujit Sarkar (MBBS, MS) Tue, Fri: 5.00 pm
Dr. D. Mondal(MBBS, MS) (By Appointment)
Dr. Samir Ranjan (MBBS, MS) Tue, Fri: 5.00 pm
Dr. Akash Guha(MBBS, MS) Wed, Sat: 5.00 pm
Dr. D. Chowdhury (MBBS, MS) Sun: 10.00 am
Onco Surgery
Dr. Debojit Dey (MBBS, MS) Mon, Wed, Fri: 7.00 pm
Dr. Sayani Bhanja (DMRT, DNB, Radiation Oncology) Mon, Sat: 6.00 pm
Dr. H. Ali Shah (MBBS, MS, MCH) Daily 12.30 pm, Tue & Thu: 7.00 pm
Dr. S. Dutta (MBBS, MS) Mon: 1.00 pm, Wed & Thu: 4.00 pm, Sat: 5.00 pm
Dr. Anant Kr. Garg (MBBS, MS) Wed: 10.00 am, Fri: 7.30 pm
Gynae and obstretics
Dr. Madhusadan Saha (MBBS, MS, DNB) Mon, Thu, Sat: 7.00 pm
Dr. D. P. Saha (MBBS, DGO) Tue & Sat:5.30pm
Dr. M. Dutta Sarkar (MBBS, DGO, MS) Wed: 5.00 pm & Sun: 11.00 am
Dr. Apurba Mondal (MBBS, MD) Mon, Thu: 4.00 pm
Dr. S. Mukhopadhyay (DGO, MD, DMAD) Mon-Fri: 5.00 pm
Dr. Premangshu Roy (MS, DNB) By Appointment
Dr. S. D. Mahapatra (DGO, MS) Sun: 11.00 am
Dr. Avishek Bhadra (MS, DNB, MRCOG, MICOG, MNAMS) Fri: 3.00 – 5.00 pm
Dr. Arun Roy (MBBS, DGO, MD, PGI(Chandigar)) Mon, Fri: 10.00 am
Neuro Surgery
Dr. Mukul Mondal (MBBS, MS) Tue, Fri : 5.30 pm
Urology and Uro Surgery
Dr. Animesh Das (MBBS, MS, MCH) Wed: 8.00 pm
Dr. S. N. Mondal (MBBS, MS, MCH) Thu: 3.30 pm
Dr. Barun Saha (MBBS, MS(General Surgery), MRCS, MCH) Tue: 5.00 pm
Dr. Chandra Shekhar Patra (MBBS, MS, MCH) Fri: 6.00 pm
Dr. S. Karmakar (MBBS, DLO, MS) Mon, Thu, Sat :11.00 am
Dr. Rahul Sarkar (MBBS, MS) Mon: 1.00 pm, Wed: 5.00pm & Fri: 4.00pm
Dr. Alok kr Roy (MBBS, MD, DNB) Tue: 5.30 pm , Fri: 4.00 pm
Dr. Saswati Das (MBBS, MD) Wed: 4.00 pm
Dr. I. N. Bhattacharya(MBBS, MS, DO) Mon, Wed :6.00 pm
Dr. Akash Deep (MBBS, MS(Eye)) Daily By Appointment(Except Mon, Wed)
Dr. Asim Chaterjee (MBBS, MD) Tue: 10.00 am
Dr. D. Mukherjee (MBBS, MD) Mon: 4.00 pm
Dr. P. K. Basu (BDM) Daily 10.30 am and 6.30 pm (Except Thu Morning, Sunay Eve)
Dr. Chiranjib Sarkar (BDS(Cal), PGAD(Manipal)) Fri, Sat: 10.00 am and Tue, Wed, Fri: 6.00 pm
Dr. Saroj Kumar Saha (DHMS, CPT, PGDPC) Tue, Fri: 10.30 am
Dr. Dipankar Debnath(B.Sc, DHMS, DipNIH, MD(Hom)) Sun: 9.00 am
Mrs. S. Bhattacharya Mon: 6.00 pm, Fri: 5.00 pm
Mr. Biswajit Das Sun: 11.00 am